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Estate & Business Succession

You didn't work all your life to give half of it away.

Wiseman & Associates’ strategic financial plans have successfully transferred wealth, estates, businesses and the family farm to the next generation, or to charities, by eliminating uncertainty and maximizing value. The difference between our approach and the traditional estate planner is fundamental. Unfortunately, this important aspect of wealth management is sometimes under-addressed when it comes to creating a plan that leaves heirs with a legacy of abundance, versus an insurmountable tax burden.

Well-intentioned estate planners can come up short even though they get their clients all set up with the proper easements, charitable gifts, GRATS, and many other important elements of an estate plan. We agree that a practical plan does, in fact, require these things, but what some estate planners fail to plan for is a sound strategy for covering the taxes on the wealth transfer without having to sell off closely held assets – like a business that fueled all the wealth in the first place. What’s the use of inheriting Mom’s house when you have to sell everything in it, plus Dad’s business to cover the taxes?

Another thing that separates Wiseman & Associates from the rest is our diligence in keeping up with the ever-evolving tax, insurance and complex wealth transfer laws. When is the last time your estate plan or business succession plan was reviewed? A second opinion on something this important would no doubt be worthwhile. You have a choice. You can leave your wealth to your family, a charity, or the government. Talk to us. We’ll help eliminate the uncertainties. Our team of specialists knows just what it takes to keep it in the family.

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