Wealth Management

Wiseman and Associates, Middleburg, VA

It’s not how much money you have.
It’s how much money you keep.

Buying and hoping is not an investment strategyBank regulations, insurance loopholes and estate inheritance laws are being rewritten at internet speed. Add to that global events that continually wreak havoc on the world’s economy, and it’s not hard to conclude that a “buy & hope” wealth management strategy is a losing proposition. One must have not only an intelligent plan, but a plan with the objective of insulating against a schizophrenic, confusing and unforgiving market.

The Wiseman & Associates team of specialists has a clear and empirical approach to wealth management that eliminates the confusion of investing and is sharply focused on reducing risk and volatility. Our philosophy is inspired by Nobel Prize winning research, which is based not on speculation, but on the irrefutable science of capital markets. With a client’s personal goals in mind, Wiseman’s mission is to maximize performance in capital markets with a cost efficient, globally diversified portfolio designed with the best tools and latest research.

The Wiseman & Associates approach encompasses a comprehensive suite of investment management and wealth planning for affluent families, business owners, executives and institutions.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.
There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.
International investing involves special risks such as currency fluctuation and political instability and may not be suitable for all investors.